Saturday, April 20, 2013

IDF .NET Day 2013

Last month (19/3/2013) a friend of mine, who works in the .NET infrastructure team, was organizing a one-day event which was supposed to be for all .NET teams in Ofek.

I was asked to give a presentation on that event about multi-touch if I want to. This was because my team and I started a prototype for multi-touch screens a few months back, and he wanted me the share things and thought that I have learned from that experience (future post will be on that too :)). So I said to him: “sure why not”. I mean how bad could that be? :)

Apparently many people from different departments from the organization had heard about this event and they were also interested in it, so all of a sudden I was supposed to talk in front of 200 .NET folks from the entire organization, at the Microsoft Israel R&D Center auditorium. God damn!

I was so excited about this upcoming event, I worked very hard on the presentation and my speech technique, did a few rehearsals, and finally the awaited day arrived.

My presenter tag :)

.NET Day 2013 Agenda

Breakfast at Microsoft Israel R&D Center





In action

The audience

In action

(Sorry for the poor quality, believe me – those are the best ones)

It was a BLAST!

At first I was very excited and even a little anxious, but that feeling was gone after the first 3 minutes or so. That was probably thanks to the preparations I’ve done before that day.

I’m glad I got this opportunity to speak in front of this audience, and even happier I accepted it and had it done :)

The slides are up on my SkyDrive and publicly available here: . It may not completely work on the PowerPoint web app, so be welcome to download it and run it from your computer.


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